A Message By Prof.Sameeh Ullah To All Muslims

Message Body:
“Film 786” is a movie that Holland has made in which our beloved Prophet (SAW) is made fun of. 60 million Muslims can destroy the economy of Holland by taking less than 5 min to forward this message so that we can answer Allah (SWT) when he asks us what action we took when his beloved (SAW) was made fun of? Denmark is losing; pls dont let this mail stop in your inbox. Hope u all know about the Denmark newspaper that made fun of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and till now do they regret. Let us make them regret for good. The Danish Ambassador, Prime Minister and Denmark National channel all are trying to do something just to stop the boycott by Muslims since last month through which their losses have reached 4 billion Euros. If we continue to boycott Denmark products for 7 months more it could reach around 80 billion Euros loss. Believers do not let this message stop.
PLEASE forward! ……………………..Believe in the impossible.

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